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The very different and unique gift for any occasion, ​

be it christmas, a birthday, a wedding or a farewell !​​

​​What is this about?

​Here you will find unique designs of clocks made from Hebel blocks, which is an autoclaved aerated concrete.

The manufacturing process was developed in Germany and has been used since decades in the building industry.

It is very good for carving, sawing, chiselling and sculpturing and leaves lots of room for creative work.

My current clock selection combines the Hebel block with aluminium which is one of the main design features with its

smooth finish. The shiny zinc-coated bolts which are used to hold the aluminium bars provide an industrial look,

they resemble strength and durability without being too heavy and bulky.​

At the same time the metal acts as a stabilizer, colour-contrast and hanging device.

As the two materials are both inventions of the modern age they combine wonderful with an older type of timeless design and art, which is painting. Here in particular I use the three colours yellow, green and black which include the Australian colours.

The unique pattern is a design which evolves in the moment I take the paint with no design plan being made in beforehand thus gives me the opportunity to be very flexible and free in each design which then again can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the viewer.

The pattern also has an affinity to Aboriginal art which is the second main feature of the design and very important as it creates a fresh, alive and contemporary piece of art and builds a connection between the past and present to lead into the future.


The colours which are being used for the Hebel block and the design pattern are all water based, the green, yellow and black

are acrylic paint, so the clocks are ideal for indoors and make a really different piece of decorative art.

To view and purchase my clocks please click on 'clock gallery'.

Rainer Kruse

Please note:

If you have any queries regarding my work or wish to purchase one of my clocks please contact me though the 'contact' page.

Thank you very much, it is great to have you visiting my site!


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